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Walter Habdank (1930-2001) was born in Schweinfurt. From 1949 to 1953 he studied artistry and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Professor Walter Teutsch. He lived and worked as a freelanced artist, first in Munich and since 1979 in Berg at Lake Starnberg.
His artistic work can be understood as emerging from and later moving beyond expressionistic roots. Walter Habdank uses the resulting captivating expression to transport the viewer up to the promise of his work. Accordingly, he has created woodcuts, paintings and watercolours as well as stained glass windows, mosaics, murals and triptychs. Habdank also drafted script and artistic designs for churches and other religious institutions. In the “Habdank-Bible” (Augsburg 1995), the artist illustrated the text of the Bible with 80 interpretive woodcuts.

Many exhibitions and publications made Walter Habdank known within and outside Germany. Through many “picture contemplations” he encouraged his viewers again and again to analyze his work.



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