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The goal of our website is to increase awareness of Walter Habdank’s works and to make available to the public information on special events and activities, such as exhibitions and publications. We are happy to serve you in person for a specific selection of artworks if you would like to mount an exhibition with works of Walter Habdank. You are welcome to visit our permanent exhibition in the studio.


All watercolours and paintings shown on this website are privately owned. Prices for woodcuts including taxes: black and white 325,- €, coloured 350,- €. Shipping costs will be added.


Galerie Habdank
Friedgard Habdank
Maxhöhe 34
D-82335 Berg am Starnberger See


Telefon: +49 (0)8151 5366
Telefax: +49 (0)8151 970123
Internet: www.habdank-walter.de
E-Mail: galerie(at)habdank-walter(dot)de


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