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Schalom Ben-Chorin schrieb über Walter Habdank

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With the “Woodcuts to the Bible,” Walter Habdank created his central piece of art. Forceful and fundamental, they tell of human beings overcoming specific extreme situations.

In this context, for Habdank the Bible is a cosmos of parable-like stories which mirror the concrete existence of the human being. For the artist, it is therefore natural to include “worldly” images. A central figure often used by the artist is the resistant fool represented by Don Quixote. The ludicrous and ironic pictures of animals, mythologized in exaggerated caricature, are carried by this spirit of protest and its comforting power. The chameleon is Habdank’s heraldic animal and, with its extremely fast tongue, symbolizes a “quick-witted” access toward everything that has to be seen in a different light – that needs to be re-examined or re-discussed in critical self-reflection.



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