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Schalom Ben-Chorin schrieb über Walter Habdank

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Walter Habdank has chosen the chameleon as his heraldic animal. This animal puts the strain of its environment to test in a  provocative way. Its seeming slowness contrasts with its eyes, which can be moved independently of each other and which keeps the viewer uncertain of the animal’s line of vision. In a similarly surprising fashion, the chameleon hurls its body-length tongue out at lightning speed in attack or for hunting.

In a double sense, therefore, the chameleon has a high “linguistic” and symbolic precision in nature as well as in heraldry. Its ability to change its body colour is often misinterpreted. The multiple colouration does not represent opportunistic adjustment, but rather the intense self-expression of feelings such as fear, anger, comfort, or hunger. “It is therefore the ability to survive, rather than lack of character,” says Habdank. “It is arrogant for humans to see this animal’s characteristics as a mistake, and to make it the symbol of (their own) lack of character.”



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